The Art of Staging a UK Property Investment

staging propertySelling a UK property investment fast demands more than we’d come to expect. More than skill, it requires talent, some grit and at times even a dash of luck. But any seller or expert broker will guarantee you that one of the best ways to achieve this is through the art and magic of staging.

Staging is defined as the act of preparing a UK property investment for the market. It is used to create appeal, introduce use for the space and pretty much attract buyers and make them want to purchase the asset stat. But it takes a while for any individual to actually get it right especially without help and tips from the professionals. Worry no more because we took it upon ourselves to tap the pros for the following tricks.

Start from the outside. When it comes to real estate, curb appeal matters. Why? First impression begins outside because it’s what people initially see. Moreover, most buyers will opt to drive by first and take a glimpse of the asset before they actually attend an open house.

Repaint dingy walls. The easiest and most cost efficient way to liven up any space is by adding a fresh coat of paint. You’ll be surprised that these cans of color can do so much. Also, opt for colors that open up rooms and create an illusion of a bigger space.

Make it squeaky clean. A dirty UK property investment is a surefire deal breaker. Even if the asset has so much potential, buyers won’t see that with all the clutter. Mess is a very effective distraction and we don’t want that.

Remove anything personal. When staging, it is important to allow potential buyers to imagine themselves within the space. This would be particularly hard to do if remnants of the old or current owners are still lying around. Make sure to depersonalize every nook and cranny.

Use the right furniture. We want to strike a balance between new and cozy. We want buyers to see the potential of the space too. In order to achieve all these, you might want to consider hiring someone with a good eye for home décor and styling.

Keep things gender neutral. When staging a UK property investment, remember that you’re not certain of who may want to purchase the space. To make it appealing to everyone, keep the colors and theme neutral and all encompassing.

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